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Welcome, fellow Spiners!

Brent now has his own website! (At last!) And a new CD - yippee!

The video of "My Favourite Broadway" does include Brent (he is not on the CD of it).

book available here -
"Memories of 1776"

Cast recording: TVT Records; TVT 8150-1 (cassette), and TVT 8150-2 (CD)

BrentFemme's page includes pictures from Brent's final performance at The Gershwin  She also has pages of glorious screen shots from different roles, including "The Deprogramers" and "Manhunt for Claude Dallas". (Make sure you are sitting down first...!)
A Brently Treasure Trove at Anne's page

Credits: thanks to "Stephanie" and Pauline for the pics. except "1776" which is Eileen's. Thanks to "Stephanie" and Olivia for 'comparison' copies of tapes. Thanks to Okie for the Pasadena report.
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