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Memories of

Dedicated to the company
of the 1997-98 Broadway revival and
to the memory of Sherman Edwards


Each copy of "Memories of 1776"
will be exchanged for a cheque
made out to a recognised charity.

A selection of reviews, articles, and pictures about the 1997-98 Broadway production of 1776. Also includes copies of some of the "1776 Letters" written by Brent Spiner whilst performing the part of John Adams.

To obtain a copy, send a cheque, minimum $16 (10) to a recognised charity, asking that the receipt be made out in the name of "Memories of 1776". Send the receipt to me with your address, and I will send you a copy of the book. Book size is A5 approx.   Details

Please note - temporarily unavailable - but will be re-printing.