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Brent Spiner in Pasadena, 25 April 1999

Before Brent came out, they did a music video tribute to Data. It was to the theme of Mr. Roboto. It was just basically a collage of clips of Data (without sound) from the series and the movie.

    Then, immediately after that, he came out, and he was wearing a blue denim shirt and beige pants. That red tint in his hair is gone and it was a nice silver-gray. I was so far away though, I couldn't even see if he was wearing glasses or not! He posed in about 20 different ways for photo ops, most of which were pretty goofy.

    First, he said that his thoughts were with DeForrest Kelley (who I guess is quite sick??? correct me if anyone knows I'm wrong, I couldn't hear very well). And he gave his usual spiel about not asking questions about Star Trek and his personal life, but added that he would answer any questions about DeForrest Kelley's personal life!

    At first, they were only lining up people on one side to ask questions and he said to the people on the other side, "Those are not good seats, are they? I promise I'll make it worth your while." Which, of course, drew some whistles and stuff and he turned back to them and said, "Not like that!"

    Someone commented on how great he was in 1776 and asked if he was doing any theater again and he said he's on a short list for something on Broadway! (Of course, he couldn't say what.) And that if we don't hear he's actually doing it by the end of the summer, that means he didn't get the part.

    Someone asked why Data is never promoted. He said it was never really an issue. He joked that he could be captain, but that'd mean he'd have to talk like Patrick, then he did an imitation of Patrick (he did a lot of these!) Later on, someone asked about it again and he said if he were promoted to human captain, that would be OK with him.

    He said they make fun of Patrick's accent a lot. Patrick says, "what's the source" and they say it sounds like he's saying "worchestershire". And Patrick says, "temporally" when he really means "temporarily". I guess there was a big argument on the set about that one day.

    He said he can't wait to see Star Wars and that he's a big fan.

    They asked him if he's made any progress on getting Paramount to do another project with the cast (a non-trek project) and he's made no progress.

    Will he do another album? He says he's sung on the last 5 projects (OTS, Insurrection, 1776), and then he got into his upcoming roles:
HE SINGS IN DOROTHY DANDRIDGE! He also says that he thinks Halle Berry is the perfect person to play her and is really spectacular in the movie, he remembers when Dorothy Dandridge died (it was traumatic) and his part is really huge!
His next project is a TV special for Disney based on Pinocchio and he plays Stromboli and he sings in this too!

    People approach him on the street and ask, "hey do you remember such and such episode" and he says he really doesn't. He says he's only sent he first 20 eps and someday he'll move to a desert island and watch the 158 he hasn't seen, and hopefully they'll have electricity there. At the end, they asked him what else he'd bring with on that desert island and he said a bag of pretzels (and something else which I couldn't hear). Then they asked what Data would bring and he said, "Tasha Yar, her sister Ishara, and Spot."

    He really wants to do a sequel to ID4. He said he talked to Dean Devlin recently, and apparently there has been some deal made with 20th Century Fox and he asked Dean if he's dead and Dean said, "No. The first scene in the movie is a hammer hitting a board and we pan out and they're re-building the White House. The second scene in the movie is Okun waking up from a coma." And Brent made a joke about how it's probably Okun's Evil Twin, Lore Okun!

    He talked a lot about OTS and how he's friends with Walter Matthau, but Jack Lemmon doesn't know who he is and calls him "kid". He said there wasn't a take in that whole movie where Walter didn't make Jack laugh. And Walter would ask Jack in the middle of a scene, "Are you really going to do that?" And Jack said "Yes, I was planning on it." And Walter replies, "Cause it really sucks." He said Walter really dominates that team. He also said Estelle Harris (George's mother on Seinfeld) is one of the smartest, funniest people he's ever met. Martha Coolidge is a big fan of ST and she wanted him to have the part, but Fox said no and they had him audition and then he won the audition. Same thing happened with Dorothy Dandridge.

    HE DID DO A VOICE ON THE SOUTH PARK MOVIE!!! He says it's a very small part. They came to the Insurrection set on the Paramount lot and asked him to do it and he said yes.

    They asked him what his dream character would be. He said John Adams was one of them. Also, he thinks he could play Picard, he knows he could do it and if they just shave his head, nobody would notice anyway!

    His favorite TNG movie is "First Contact" because he thinks everyone was at the top of their game, he got to spend his time with Jonathon and Alice Krige, whom he really likes, and it was a good movie.

    Someone said they think he's the most brilliant actor ever, he could easily carry features, he should get the best roles and lots of awards, etc. and Brent replied, "Are there any producers here today? Are you listening to this guy? Are you people fools?"

    Someone asked him if he'd support the upcoming special olympics (2nd week in June?) and might have asked him if he'd make an appearance, but I couldn't hear the guy very well, and Brent said absolutely and he should contact one of the organizers of the con, or someone important like that and get him the info.

    Someone asked him if he'd ever play any roles besides really geeky guys, and he laughed and said, "I've cornered the market on geeky roles and I really like playing them, because in real life I'm just such an attractive guy that it's a nice departure from reality." And a bunch of women in the front screamed.

    At the end, some couple introduced him to their little poodles who were in ST uniforms and whose names were Data and Tasha. They gave him something, but I couldn't see what it was. I think some sort of stuffed dog.

-- End --
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