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Review - The Last Day

This is the audiobook of Glenn Kleier's novel. The work is abridged, but still lasts six eventful, fascinating hours. The setting is Jerusalem, New Year's Eve, 1999.

"But at one second before midnight something incredible happens - a geological event of staggering proportion, followed by reports of the "arrival" of a woman with miraculous powers."*

We later discover that a man whose daughter had been so badly injured that she became a living "vegetable", had cloned the girl in an attempt to recreate her. Is the mystery woman a clone that survived the blast, or is she the messiah as she claims? The story follows TV correspondent John Feldman's attempts to discover the truth.

The Last Day is superbly conceived, well thought out, and gripping throughout.

The reader is Rene Auberjonois, who performs all the parts except one. Auberjonois is one of the finest actors around, and an experienced presenter of audioworks. His reading is magnificent; a multitude of different characters spring to life whilst we listen. My own favourites were the Italians and Germans, but all are totally convincing. His reading reflects emotion, pain, humour (there is a wonderful scene where he plays two Italians having a difference of opinion - brilliant). The one other character is played by Carrie Gordon. As you learn the story, you understand why this is so. I did not know of this actress before. Her performance is most effective, portraying humour, compassion, determination, clarity of thought and vision.

The Last Day is intriguing, entertaining, and thoroughly satisfying.

Carie Anderson's review of the book
The Last Day, read by Rene Auberjonois and Carrie Gordon
From the novel by Glenn Kleier
Time Warner AudioBooks 1997, Price $22
Available on-line from Time Warner AudioBooks order # 4-32549

*Quote from the audiobook cover.
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