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Review - by Carrie Anderson

THE LAST DAY, by Glenn Kleier
1999, Warner Books
Paperback, 609 pages, $7.50.

If God were to send a new messiah to visit the churches that serve him today, would they even recognize Him? According to this intriguing parable, "NO!" Especially if that new messiah were to arrive in the guise of a beautiful young woman.

The premise for The Last Day is fascinating, and executed to perfection. Jeza, the young messiah, is a spellbinding character, cast in the roll of a modern day Christ--which is no small undertaking for a seasoned writer. But this first-time author pulls it off with great style and wit. Jeza is a complex character with an ancient-world charisma and a mesmerizing biblical eloquence--she speaks as if she stepped right from the pages of the New Testament. Her insights and observations about the state of current society and religion around her are refreshing, bold, and often quite hilarious. In her clash with modern-day Christianity, she stirs up a world-wide madness, dividing the big-time religions into pro and con factions until all hell breaks loose.

This is an edge-of-the-seat thriller, told at break-neck pace. And despite the nature of the topic, The Last Day is an optimistic, upbeat novel. The surprise ending is a special treat. Not to be missed.

Carie Anderson
Review of the audiobook version
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