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David McCallum

David was a popular young actor in the early 60s, appearing in (mainly supporting) roles in many British films, before going to America. The result of that move made TV history.
In describing the fan reaction to Star Trek, DeForrest Kelly remarked that the studio knew what to expect "because of David McCallum". Brought in to take a secondary role to Robert Vaughn in The Man from UNCLE, he was a fan idol within weeks of Illya Kuriakin's first screen appearance, and is identified with the role to this day. In the 70s, he appeared with Vaughn in a film, The Return of the Man from UNCLE, which is a delightful homage to the mfu cult.
In the 80s, David starred in another sci-fi series, TV's The Invisible Man. David also continues to appear on stage, most recently in the UK in The Lion in Winter, and on Broadway in 1999/2000 as the Emporor Joseph in Amadeus, in which he scored a great personal success. In 2000 he played Caesar in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in New York's Central Park.

June 2001 - David opened in a play - Byrd's Boy, at the Primary Stages Theater. The show, and David's performance, sound great! See Duchess's site.
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