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Sapphire and Steel
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Sapphire and Steel       ADVENTURE ONE

What is happening in the room at the top of the stairs? Strange goings on (people disappear and find themselves trapped in a picture on the wall) when a small child recites nursery rhymes. Having created a situation which Sapphire and Steel could clear up in episode one, the writer then had to stretch the story. The answer was to include an irritating child who, once the consequences of her actions was explained, lost no opportunity to elude the vigilance of the grown-ups and set to reciting with the determination of an Infant Phenomenon. Both Sapphire and Steel are endangered, and their comrade, Lead, terminated, before Time is repaired and our heroes leave for their next adventure. The scene was set for mysterious goings on; Time being "out of joint"; dangers the more fascinating for never being fully explained. In a cleverly handled scene, we discover Sapphire and Steel have telepathic powers.

This episode contains one of the most engaging characters to appear in Sapphire and Steel, Lead. As well as Sapphire and Steel themselves, the other elements are strongly cast throughout.

Adventure One Number of episodes = 6
Director/Producer Shaun O'Riordan
Writer P J Hammond
Supporting Cast  
Lead Val Pringle
Rob Steven O'Shea
Helen Tamasin Bridge
Policeman Charles Pemberton
Mother Felicity Harrison
Father John Golightly
Produced by ITC, number ITC 8340
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Credits All photographs ITC Home Video©